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The Mythology-Inspired NFT Collection ‘Akobi’ is Almost Here

Akobi, a semi-autobiographical NFT collection inspired by Yoruba mythology and culture, has been slated for a September 29, 2022 release. The collection is the brainchild of Ayobola Kekere-Ekun, a self-taught contemporary Nigerian artist. 

The 10,000-piece collection will feature Kekere-Ekun’s signature style of bold lines and accentuated facial expressions of her subjects. This ties in with the theme of the collection, which is the artist’s vision of the world and her experiences within it. 

Details About the Drop 

The collection will be available for purchase via the artist’s own website. Each piece will have quilled, handmade traits that harken back to Yoruba custom (the collection name Akobi translates to “the first to be born” in the Yoruba language).

Quilling especially is an ancient Egyptian practice that creates 3D lines meant to catch and reflect light, giving more depth and character to the subject. And this, of course, is the theme of the collection as it is a personal journey of the artist’s vision and life. 

The artist Kekere-Ekun is part of a growing movement of traditional artists who are entering the web3 space. Throughout her career, she has scored several coups including being awarded the Dean Collection Awards in 2018 and exhibiting around the world. Her works are currently on show at the Johannesburg-based gallery, Guns & Rain. 

The Story Behind the Collection

The Akobi NFTs are more than just digital artwork; they have a moving backstory that goes far beyond than what is initially apparent.

The incredibly gifted artist initially dove deeply into her childhood before handcrafting the physical characteristics that underlie these visual NFTs. The NFTs are a reflection of her first visions and how, as a thought-provoking artist, she views the world. The collection’s designs, which incorporate Kekere-Ekun’s unresolved life traumas, are sure to leave Akobi owners in awe while also inspiring them with stories from her exciting and eventful life.

Her realistic sketches, which serve as the foundation for the Akobi collection, stand out for their vivid colors and strong lines. Her art gains depth and character from the intricate patterns the lines make while also highlighting the subjects’ expressions on their faces.

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Generative Project Art Blocks Is Evolving: Here’s How

Art Blocks, the leading generative art NFT platform, has just announced its upcoming updates  – and they’re all worth looking into. From new product collections to upgraded smart contracts and innovative designs, the platform will change its core features as we know them.

If you’re ready to explore this new version, let’s see what Art Blocks 2.0 has to offer:

Art Blocks has just revealed its latest updates including a new smart contract, website infrastructure, and new collections. Credit: Erick Calderon

What does the Art Blocks update mean?

To begin with, the platform has completely regrouped its product collections. The current categories “Playground” and “Factory” will merge in November resulting a new collection: Presents.

Accordingly, the Art Blocks board will decide which new projects deserve to join the Presents collection. If a project turns out to be extraordinary, it will make it to the Curated collection instead.

Every project that’s already part of the Playground and Factory collections will keep its status through a Heritage designation. To illustrate, you can think of these projects as a special capsule subset of the Presents collection.

The upgraded version includes a merge between the Playground and Factory collections to generate a new one called Presents.

Which are the new Art Blocks NFT collections?

Starting November, there will be four options for Art Blocks projects as follows:

Presents – projects approved by the Art Blocks board;
Curated – innovative projects approved by the platform’s Curatorial Board;
Collaborations – special go-to-market partnerships;
Explorations – commissioned projects and trials from the platform itself.

According to the Art Blocks team, its new Explorations collection opens the door to new partnerships and experiments. Over time, the team will allegedly find new ways to get more generative artists involved in this initiative too.

Meanwhile, there’s another update every Art Blocks user can definitely experience: the smart contract.


Why is the new smart contract better?

First of all, the updated Art Blocks smart contract helps you save up to 65% on gas costs for each NFT mint. Meanwhile, artists also reduce the costs required to upload their works by 65%.

In addition, the new smart contract will keep the project ID continuity for a smooth minting experience. The team will release more exciting details about this upgrade closer to the contract’s release date. Until then, let’s find out more about the new website!

The upgraded infrastructure will improve users’ experience both for minting and uploading collections on the platform. Credit: Tyler Hobbs via Art Blocks

What about website rebranding?

When Art Blocks’ creator Erick Calderon founded the platform, his vision was made out of passion. However, this revolutionary project wasn’t imagined for the kind of success it’s enjoying now.

As a result, the team of engineers is improving every aspect of the infrastructure for a better user experience. For example, the team aims to create stable NFT auctions, a smooth user experience, and an overall scalable platform.

“Art Blocks has been and will continue to be a true home for generative art, a place where anyone can discover and collect great work by great artists,” the team said. “In service of this mission, we have also added robust educational resources, artist information, community programming, and thought leadership to expose the richness of generative art to a wide audience.”

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Argos Begins Advertising On Billboards In The Metaverse

Argos — a top catalogue retailer, recently teamed up with Ocean Outdoor to launch the world’s first ‘cross-platform Web3 metaverse’ package. Also, the partnership includes LandVault, who helped Ocean Outdoor deliver the outdoor metaverse experience. Apparently, the UK retailer — Argos is taking the big step in the metaverse world to become customers’ top of mind for tech products. Let’s look at the details of Argos’ advert in the metaverse world.

Did Argos advertise on billboards in the Metaverse?

Argos Advertisement On Billboard In The Metaverse

Recently, Argos collaborated with Ocean Outdoor and Landvault to drop a ‘Web 3 metaverse DOOH package’. For more context, DOOH stands for Digital Out of Home.

The package launched with a dual-world campaign which promoted Argos’ brand and products. Furthermore, the dual-world campaign has already appeared in the Metaverse and physical locations.

The physical locations include Ocean’s Holland Park Roundabout tri-screen in London and roadside locations in Birmingham and Manchester. Alongside, the metaverse location consists of an NFT replica of the same billboard inside Somnium Space VR Metaverse. And it will run until October 23

Becky Desert — the campaign manager of Argos, said they hope to drive consideration and awareness of products that people don’t think of Argos for. Admittedly, she talks about how showing up in a new way is “Part of changing shoppers’ minds”. What’s more, Argon excitedly jumped on the opportunity to appear in the metaverse advert, primarily since it centres around tech. 

Likewise, Catherin Morgan — Director of Ocean Labs, stated how Ocean’s Metaverse would give brands an edge to access young and tech-savvy users.

Why did Argos join the metaverse space?

More Details On The Dual World Advertisement Project

Ocean Media, in partnership with LandVault, released Ocean metaverse collection. It’s a collection of 45 digital billboards in Decentraland and Somnium space and Ocean’s three NFT sites – the Loop where the campaign appeared. 

More importantly, the screens occupy locations with maximum traffic, such as a conference centre, a GenesisVR Disco Club, and the most popular metaverse game zone. Additionally, the game zone includes Decentral Games — the busiest gaming area, responsible for more than 60% of traffic.

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HUGO Partners With Imaginary Ones In An NFT Fashion First

The global fashion giant ‘HUGO’ is partnering with Imaginary Ones — a top Web3 company, to launch an exclusive NFT collection. Moreover, it is HUGO’s first big step in the NFT space as it will deliver a 360-degree metaverse experience. 

What is the HUGO and Imaginary One’s NFT collection?

Previously in April, Imaginary Ones dropped its NFT collection with over 8,888 fully animated 3-D characters. Through the project, they aimed to spread positivity, creativity and love. Next, let’s see the details of HUGO and Imaginary One’s NFT collection.

What Is HUGO And Imaginary One’s Fashion NFT Collection?

By November, HUGO and Imaginary One will drop an NFT collection of 1,001 3D animations titled ‘Embrace Your Emotions’ (EYE). Remarkably, they aim to encourage people to connect to their emotions. And to emphasise that all feelings — positive and negative are valid — to improve mental health and overall well-being.

Who can have access to HUGO x Imaginary Ones NFT Project?

Although the collection isn’t out yet, there is already so much excitement. For instance, those who want access to the NFT collection must first join the allowlist, which means they are to perform a small task. 

Out of 1000 allowlist spots, 500 go to customers who buy an exclusive phygital t-shirt. In comparison, the remaining 500 slots go to existing Imaginary Ones holders and giveaway participants. Only 500 limited edition t-shirts with a QR code are for sale. And with the QR code, users can enjoy special augmented reality effects through a Snapchat Lens.

Furthermore, six of the 1,001 NFT characters contain special attributes, while five of them will represent everyday emotions. These include joy, sadness, fear, anger, and love. Another key point is that the upcoming NFT project will benefit a charitable cause to mark World Mental Health Day on October 10. The brands plan to donate 100% of earnings from the auction of a sixth special character that combines all five emotions to Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM).

More On The Collaboration Of HUGO And Imaginary Ones

On the one hand, Miah Sullivan — Senior VP of Global Marketing & Brand Communications at HUGO, said that they are excited to partner with Imaginary Ones. Not only to explore the metaverse world but also to share a message of self-acceptance worldwide. 

On the other hand, Clement Chia — Co-Founder at Imaginary One, showed excitement as Imaginary Ones became the first Asia-born NFT project to partner with a multinational fashion brand. 

For the partnership, every HUGO x Imaginary Ones NFT holder will receive a “golden ticket” for a 10% discount at HUGO’s online store. Also, they will have access to Imaginary Ones’ staking ecosystem, making them eligible for HUGO x IO merchandise, experiences, and content. 

As time goes on, HUGO and Imaginary Ones will likely strengthen their partnership through different means. So as to increase the value provided to the holders of their collection. Additionally, you can get updates on the NFT collection on the discord channel.

What is HUGO?

About HUGO 

HUGO is a multinational fashion brand and one of the counterparts of the famous HUGO BOSS brands founded in 1924. HUGO aims to encourage the self-expression and authentic dressing of its customers. In addition, HUGO creates clothes for leaders to promote individuality and ‘boundless styling’. Today, HUGO is one of the few top fashion brands that has moved into the Web3 space. In fact, HUGO announced its entry into the NFT space a few days after the arrival of the Balmain NFT membership club for Paris fashion week.

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