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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – All Class Answers And Rewards

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you are the new transfer student at a prestigious academy. While the main crux of the game is the Treasure Hunt, where you are free to explore the region and find your “Treasure,” you can return to the academy at any time to take classes to learn new information. If knowledge isn’t enough to incentivize you, passing exams will reward you with Exp. items, which can be quite useful. Here’s every answer for each class in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

There are seven subjects, Biology, Math, History, Languages, Battle Studies, Home Ec, and Art. Each class consists of three classes followed by a midterm, with three more classes leading into a final. Passing the midterm and final exams offer a variety of rewards, as long as you can answer the questions correctly. There is no punishment for being wrong during class, but passing the midterm requires 3 out of 5 answers correct while the final exam requires 4 out of 5.


Class 1: Inside BuildingsClass 2: EggsClass 3: Inflict the Pokemon with a status conditionMidterm: 1. ZR, 2. During Picnics In Your Basket (A,2), 3. Walking Around, 4. Giving them a Berry, 5. Gym Badges – 5 Exp. Candies SClass 4: B ButtonClass 5: 1 in 4,000Class 6: RotomFinal Exam: 1. Two, 2. False, 3. No, it won’t, 4. 1 in 4,000, 5. False – 5 Exp. Candies M


Class 1: It’s doubledClass 2: ElevenClass 3: 1 in 24 (about 4%)Midterm: 1. Double Damage, 2. Half Damage, 3. Eleven, 4. About 4 Percent, 5. One-and-a-half times as much – 5 Exp. Candies SClass 4: Triple DamageClass 5: It depends on the situationClass 6: 300Final Exam: 1. Five, 2. 75, 3. About 12 percent, 4. Triple Damage, 5. 2 – 5 Exp. Candies M


Class 1: TreasureClass 2: About two thousand years agoClass 3: About eight hundred years agoMidterm: 1. The Great Crater of Paldea, 2. Treasure, 3. About 2,000 Years ago, 4. 805 years ago, 5. Knowledge – 5 Exp. Candies SClass 4: Wooden planks for writing onClass 5: The Area Zero ExpeditionClass 6: Professor SadaFinal Exam: 1. Area Zero, 2. 805 years ago, 3. A folding fan, 4. Heath, 5. 10 years ago – 5 Exp. Candies M


Class 1: Thank youClass 2: DeliciousClass 3: I love youMidterm: 1. Thank You, 2. Délicieux, 3. Time to eat, 4. Compliment them, 5. Salvatore – 5 Exp. Candies SClass 4: AngerClass 5: SadnessClass 6: HappinessFinal Exam: 1. Delicieux, 2. I love you, 3. Anger, 4. Happiness, 5. Salvatore – 5 Exp. Candies M

Battle Studies

Class 1: Physical and special movesClass 2: Heal Up!Class 3: Terastallize and attack itMidterm: 1. Special, 2. The move’s name, 3. Four, 4. Terastallizing and attacking, 5. Fighting – 5 Exp. Candies SClass 4: No questionClass 5: LPClass 6: Flat RulesFinal Exam: 1. Go All Out!, 2. Auto Battles, 3. Exchange materials, 4. Lvl. 50, 5. True – 5 Exp. Candies M


Class 1: No questionClass 2: The Grass TypeClass 3: The Ice TypeMidterm: 1. Tera Jewel, 2. The Grass type, 3. Hexagon, 4. Medali, 5. There’s no correct answer – 5 Exp. Candies SClass 4: There is no correct answerClass 5: Glaseado’s GraspClass 6: You can change their titleFinal Exam: 1. The Treasure Eatery, 2. Surrendering Sunflora, 3. Two, 4. Levincia, 5. False – 5 Exp. Candies M

Home Ec

Class 1: My choice of fillings and condimentsClass 2: Items on the groundClass 3: It can’t use movesMidterm: 1. Increasing Speed, 2. Fillings and condiments, 3. Oran Berry, 4. True, 5. False – 5 Exp. Candies SClass 4: He should make food with other peopleClass 5: Clean it upClass 6: Rotom PhonesFinal Exam: 1. Sparkling Power, 2. It helps hatch strong Pokemon, 3. Make food with others, 4. Pokemon Wash, 5. It doesn’t matter – 5 Exp. Candies M

Completing all final exams will reward you 5 Exp. Candies L, but that’s not the only final reward you can get.

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