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NFT Influencer Break Up Raises Suspicions About Barkmeta

Trouble in paradise: the breakup of NFT influencer BarkMeta (@barkmeta) & Leah (leelahmeta) has sprung a string of allegations against the former. Leah claims that in her time with BarkMeta, she has seen and heard things that could “destroy his personal brand”.

BarkMeta: Is The NFT Influencer A Fraud?

In the Twitter thread that allegedly exposes Bark, Leah starts by claiming that she has seen and heard things in their former relationship that could destroy his reputation entirely. The first in a series of accusations claim that Bark pays an ex-WeRunCrypto employee $15,000 a month to run the account. She states that the brand Bark has built with his “800 tweets a day” strategy isn’t even written by him. Moreover, she claims that Bark has been paying this person since October 2022.

Next, she accuses Bark of running a pump and dump project – Metaluxe. Metaluxe is a collection of 10,000 digital suits. She claims that a simple Google search and DYOR will help expose the project as fraudulent. Furthermore, Leah also alleges that Bark is in huge financial debt. According to her tweets, Bark is now in a debt of at least $500,000. She claims that this is why he left for Taiwan.

Additionally, she states fellow NFT influencer @MachiBigBrother (Jeffrey Huang) promised to pay off his debt if they worked together. In her tweet thread, she links to a previously published article claiming Machi to be a scammer. Leah says that the BAYC influencer flew her and Bark to Vegas, where they were hosted at 5-star resorts and even paid extra money to gamble. She goes on to say that Machi’s “business partners” that they could be rich if Bark gave Machi a 10% cut of the project he was working on.

Leah also claims that Alex (Shillain Villain) has returned to the USA from Taiwan to legally divorce his wife and “abandon” his 10-year-old daughters. She also claims that she has photo evidence, but is under threat from Machi’s lawyers. There are  NFT Evening follows the story as it develops.



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Ledger Genesis Launches Artist Program: Join the Digital Art Movement

Ledger Genesis is unleashing an explosion of creativity with their new artist program, ‘Inspired by Ledger’. They’re commissioning the most talented artists within the web3 universe to craft unique works that embody the Ledger brand and its mission. Ultimately, this patronage program is a big win for digital artists and creatives everywhere. Let’s take a closer look!

Ledger Genesis leads the way in promoting diversity and creativity in the art world.

Empowering Artists: Ledger Genesis’ Exciting New Program

Firstly, let’s take a look at Ledger. Ledger has quickly become the world leader in Critical Digital Asset security and utility. Their products, such as Nano S Plus and Nano X hardware wallets, and LEDGER Live companion app have been sold to more than 5 million consumers in 200 countries. Ultimately, Ledger is the go-to for investors seeking a safe and user-friendly experience.

Secondly, let’s dive into their exciting new artist program. Ledger Genesis is empowering artists to create works that celebrate web3 technology. Significantly, they’ve teamed up with influential creatives to bring the digital world to life in an engaging, user-friendly, and culturally relevant way. Their latest project, ‘Inspired by Ledger,’ is all about adding value to the web3 ecosystem. Moreover, Ledger is supporting artists and helping the Ledger community discover and collect works from digital creators. And best of all, it all happens within the secure environment of Ledger Market!

Meet the Talented Artists Behind Inspired by Ledger

Ledger Genesis handpicked artists with diverse backgrounds and styles to join their Inspired by Ledger program. Markedly, they are dedicated to offering opportunities for artists from all walks of life, being inclusive of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, education, and career level. The program kicks off with five exceptionally talented artists from across the globe. These artists include Selin Çinar (aka Axstone) from Turkey, Bad Oats from Nigeria, Danguiz from Italy, Hermine Bourdin from France, and Jonathan Winbush from the USA.

What’s truly remarkable about this initiative is that each artwork in the ‘Inspired by Ledger’ collection is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This means that artists can sell the 1/1 on their own contract, or on any platform they choose. Additionally, artists will have the freedom to interpret ‘Inspired by Ledger’ in their own distinct style.

Selin Çınar – Axstone – Inspired by Ledger

What you can get with a Ledger Market Pass Genesis Edition

So, how can we get hold of the artwork? Firstly, the launch of the program will take place on Thursday, March 30th. Ledger will release the commissioned works as a time-limited drop of open editions. Furthermore, the Ledger passholder community can then claim the artworks for free. Genesis Pass holders will have exclusive access to this drop.

As a reward to Genesis Edition holders, only Ledger Market Pass Genesis Edition holders will have full access to every Inspired by Ledger artwork drop. The Ledger Market Pass Genesis Edition is an NFT that includes access to exclusive collaborations, limited edition hardware, and more. Moreover, holders will receive unlimited access to all ‘Inspired by Ledger’ collaborations. So, if you want exclusive access to all the artist drops, you can purchase a Ledger Market Pass on the secondary market.

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Gucci and Yuga Labs Explore The Metaverse Together

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Gucci and Yuga Labs, creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), are set to launch an innovative project that merges fashion and entertainment in the Metaverse. As so, starting this week, customers can enjoy immersive experiences that promote experimental storytelling through unique artistic choices.

The partnership expands on the Gucci Grail NFT clothing collection, created by digital tailor Wagmi-san in March 2022. It also offers an exclusive glimpse into how Gucci will integrate into Yuga’s gamified meta-RPG universe, Otherside.

Yuga Labs and Gucci collaboration

Yuga Labs: Gucci’s Involvement in the Metaverse

As a result of this partnership, Gucci will likely strengthen its ties with the Metaverse. The iconic fashion house plans to offer exclusive virtual experiences for its customers, combining physical and digital aspects. This bold move demonstrates Gucci’s willingness to embrace new technologies and evolve with the ever-changing world of fashion and entertainment.

The collaboration between Gucci and Yuga Labs is a significant milestone for the fashion and NFT industries. By blending traditional fashion elements with the virtual world, they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Metaverse. This partnership not only highlights the growing influence of digital platforms on the fashion industry but also sets the stage for other brands to follow suit.

Yuga Labs’ Background

Established in 2021, Yuga Labs is a leading web3 company that has quickly gained international recognition. Additionally, they are best known for launching Bored Ape Yacht Club, the first NFT art collection to issue IP licenses to owners. Yuga Labs’ success is likely due to its founders’ determination to push the boundaries of digital and real. As well as their passion for cultivating a unified community. By 2022, the company had secured $450 million in funding.

Fashion and NFTs: A Match Made In Heaven

Gucci’s collaboration with Yuga Labs is a pioneering venture. It aims to deepen the connection between fashion and entertainment in the Metaverse. Offering immersive experiences and promoting experimental storytelling, this partnership is sure to make waves in the industry. By challenging the limits of the digital realm and fostering a sense of community, Gucci and Yuga Labs will likely lead the way in the exciting world of virtual fashion.

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Yuga Labs Causes a Stir with ‘Legends of the Mara’ Announcement

Just as Yuga Labs wrapped up its second eventful trip into the Otherside, it has now launched a follow up project, Legends of the Mara. An exciting new 2D strategy game that immerses players into an intriguing world that picks up where the events of the second Trip left off. The result is a collection-based game that explores the origins of the Koda, their primal relationship with their environment, and the story of the Otherside itself.

Introducing Legends of the Mara, a 2D experience with its own companion collection. Claim your Vessel, discover its potential, and forge your path.

Otherdeeds with a Koda will be able to decouple in advance of the game launch.

Step into and the below

— Othersidemeta (@OthersideMeta) March 27, 2023

LOTM offers a unique gaming experience where owners of Otherdeed NFTs can claim a ‘Vessel,’ unveil its potential, and forge a path within a captivating 2D realm. In addition, the mysterious Kodas will also play a key role by representing the primary keepers of the Otherside, where they possess unrivaled abilities in farming, enchanting, and hunting. As players progress, they will encounter new apprentices called the Mara, who can evolve into more skilled ‘Kodamara’ under the right conditions and with a suitable catalyst.

Claim a Vessel, Decouple the Koda, and Join the battle to defend the Otherside

Before the game’s official launch, players can claim their free Vessel and decouple Kodas from their Otherdeed NFTs. By May, participants will be ready to defend the mystical world of the Otherside as they step into the LOTM universe.

Legends of the Mara is a testament to the rapidly growing NFT gaming industry, showcasing the potential for creative storytelling and immersive experiences. As the game unfolds, players can anticipate regular updates and expansions, ensuring the world of the Otherside remains enthralling and ever-evolving.

What sets LOTM apart from other NFT-based games is its unique concept, offering a collection-based gaming experience that unravels the story of the Otherside and the Koda. Players can engage in strategic battles, forge alliances, and build a thriving community within the game.

With its distinct blend of strategy, collection-based gaming, and rich lore, Legends of the Mara is on track to become the latest Yuga Labs product to grip the NFT community. Its engaging gameplay and the captivating story will undoubtedly draw players into an electrifying and immersive world, leaving a lasting impression. 

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