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NFT Funded Film Calladita Wins Top Prize At Sundance

An NFT-funded film, Calladita, has won the top prize at the Sundance film festival. The movie, directed by Miguel Faus, tells the story of Ana and “explores themes of class differences and injustice from a profound and sophisticated perspective, moving away from easy clichés and caricatures.”

Calladita is a Film3 type of movie that employs decentralized technologies to free and empower independent artists. In this case, Faus and his team financed the movie using NFTs, and by winning the Andrews/Bernard Award, it’s a dream come true.

The award was established in April of last year by Steven Soderbergh, a renown filmmaker, and Decentralized Pictures. To encourage independent filmmaking talent, he committed $300,000 in completion funds for notable English-language films and shorts, with the NFT-funded film, Calladita, representing the first film to win the award.

Speaking to Decrypt, Faus notes that Film3 represents the future of independent cinema and is the reason the movie exists. The award presented on Saturday had Faus beaming. He took to Twitter to express his joy, thanking the Decentralized Pictures Foundation, his entire team, and the more than 500 individuals who believed in his idea and bought the NFTs.

Legend Steven Soderbergh just gave us a Completion Funds award for our film CALLADITA at Sundance.

HUGE thanks to @DCP_Foundation, our whole cast & crew, and the 500+ degens that made this film possible.

— miguel faus.eth CALLADITA FILM (@miguelfaus) January 21, 2023

Decentralized Pictures is a non-profit organization that seeks to discover new and innovative filmmaking talent. The platform allows filmmakers to submit movie pitches by paying a submission fee in FILMCredits (FILM), its native token. Then, platform users get to vote on which ideas receive funding from grants.

According to Leo Matchett, cofounder of Decentralized Pictures, blockchain technology doesn’t only allow the platform to “fairly and transparently determine who deserves the financing the most, but also has this incentivized behavior mechanism built into it.”

What Does The Future Hold For Film3 After NFT Funded Film Calladita Won Top Prize?

That said, funding movies using NFTs represents a new frontier for filmmaking. So far, the likes of Spike Lee and Kevin Smith have utilized them to finance films and drive engagement. At a time when most people see NFTs as nothing more than speculative assets, maybe this is the kind of use case required to prompt mass adoption. Now it’s possible for fans to fund the next blockbuster and own a piece of its success.

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Bitcoin NFTs Bought With Solana: A Crypto Game-Changer

For the first time, anyone can buy Bitcoin NFTs using Solana, thanks to the Meerkat Millionaire Country Club (MMCC). Additionally, this groundbreaking project on Solana offers 100% royalties to its community and allows users to acquire Bitcoin NFTs without spending any BTC. This development also opens doors for new opportunities in the crypto world, enabling projects to explore new ecosystems.

Bitcoin NFTs Bought With Solana: A Crypto Game-Changer

First Engine for Bitcoin NFTs with Solana

In London on March 27, 2023, the Gumball Machine, a user-friendly interface that enables users to mint Bitcoin NFTs using Solana, was unveiled. As so, this cutting-edge technology allows users to purchase Bitcoin NFT

s without spending their BTC holdings, presenting a significant advantage for Solana projects to expand while integrating existing community members.

The MMCC’s Gumball Machine promises to revolutionize cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This unique product will alter how people buy Bitcoin NFTs through a decentralized and trustless method, making it even more attractive to crypto enthusiasts.

The Gumball Machine is now live and offers Ordinal Millionaire Country Club NFTs – the Bitcoin version of the original project, Meerkat Millionaire Country Club. Currently, the project’s founders are exploring ways to provide this technology to other Solana NFT projects.

The Future of the NFT Market

MMCC strongly believes in a decentralized crypto industry where independent project founders can develop exceptional tools. Besides the Gumball Machine, MMCC plans to release the tool as a SaaS product. It will also grant other Solana projects the opportunity to grow within the Bitcoin ecosystem using easy and fast tools.

According to Timon “The OG,” MMCC’s co-founder, “Solana remains the most exciting space for NFT projects. We’re dedicated to supporting independent projects and are thrilled to see our peers grow and expand thanks to our latest release. From MMCC, we realize that we’re just at the beginning of a crucial change in the crypto industry.”

Bitcoin NFTs: MMCC Sharing the Benefits

MMCC was the first Solana project to distribute royalties to holders, launching a new meta in the Solana ecosystem. Moreover, the project’s incredible artist, SORRISO, innovated Solana PFPs with individually hand-drawn attributes, giving Meerkats broad appeal for the diverse ecosystem. The DAO engages the community to collect the best ideas from its diverse, unique holders. It allows the roadmap to evolve continuously in line with this open forum.

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Pranksy & Sorare partner for “Pranksy Plays”

Pranksy, one of the most famous personalities in the NFT space, teams up with SoRare, the most acclaimed Web3 sports card game. For this partnership called “Pranksy Plays”, the collector invested in Sorare football cards and will invite his community to participate in private leagues.

Private leagues with special prizes

Players can already join two different private leagues. There will be prizes for the winners, including NFTs from the Pranksy vault, VIP Premier League tickets, and merchandise provided by Sorare. One league will require only free-to-play cards, whereas in the other only Super Rare or Unique cards will be eligible.

Moreover, the collector and his team invested in Sorare cards. They focused on Super Rare players under the age of 23. They pointed out that they bought them all from the auction house or the secondary market.

“Sorare has been on our radar for years – including a card drop for NFT Boxes in 2021, explained Pranksy on Twitter. The rights partnership with the Premier League recently caught our attention as regular Fantasy Premier League players.”

Pranksy also praised Sorare for being “consistently placed amongst the top 10 NFT projects for weekly volume, despite being less mentioned amongst mainstream collectors. They’ve successfully built an engaged audience outside of the regular NFT community, who we’re excited to connect with”.

Who is Pranksy?

Pranksy has multiple activities in the NFT space. He’s an NFT whale, market influencer, and project creator. Whereas his real identity is still a secret, his journey as a collector has been well documented.

He started by investing in Cryptokitties as soon as 2017, turning 600 dollars into 30.000 dollars. Above all, he sparked attention with his success as an NBA Topshot collector, recording almost $7 million profit.

Pranksy’s wallet net worth went down with the bear market, but his collection is still impressive. This Tuesday, DappRadar was estimating its total value at 6,7 million dollars, including 4,64 million dollars in NFTs. For example, the collector invested heavily in Doodles and owns now 40 of them, for a total value of 445,000 dollars.

With 437,000 followers on Twitter, Pranksy has a huge impact on the NFT market. Many just copy-trade him, following all his moves. Therefore, when he invests in a project it usually contributes to raising its floor price.

What is Sorare?

The partnership with Sorare can in fact create an interesting opportunity for both parties. With “Pranksy Plays”, the NFT card game hopes to attract some NFT collectors from Pranksy’s community. And in return, Pranksy could find a way to reach sports fans that are not so familiar with NFTs.

Sorare is the most popular fantasy sports game on the blockchain. It attracted more than 3 million subscribers since 2019 and has around 200,000 daily active players worldwide. After football, Sorare obtained a license for the American baseball league (MLB) and the American basketball league (NBA).

The game brings the concept of the Fantasy Leagues to the blockchain. Participants earn points with their cards, based on the real performances of the players. Sorare is free-to-play, but it is possible to buy rarer cards to participate in more prestigious leagues.

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Ledger Genesis Launches Artist Program: Join the Digital Art Movement

Ledger Genesis is unleashing an explosion of creativity with their new artist program, ‘Inspired by Ledger’. They’re commissioning the most talented artists within the web3 universe to craft unique works that embody the Ledger brand and its mission. Ultimately, this patronage program is a big win for digital artists and creatives everywhere. Let’s take a closer look!

Ledger Genesis leads the way in promoting diversity and creativity in the art world.

Empowering Artists: Ledger Genesis’ Exciting New Program

Firstly, let’s take a look at Ledger. Ledger has quickly become the world leader in Critical Digital Asset security and utility. Their products, such as Nano S Plus and Nano X hardware wallets, and LEDGER Live companion app have been sold to more than 5 million consumers in 200 countries. Ultimately, Ledger is the go-to for investors seeking a safe and user-friendly experience.

Secondly, let’s dive into their exciting new artist program. Ledger Genesis is empowering artists to create works that celebrate web3 technology. Significantly, they’ve teamed up with influential creatives to bring the digital world to life in an engaging, user-friendly, and culturally relevant way. Their latest project, ‘Inspired by Ledger,’ is all about adding value to the web3 ecosystem. Moreover, Ledger is supporting artists and helping the Ledger community discover and collect works from digital creators. And best of all, it all happens within the secure environment of Ledger Market!

Meet the Talented Artists Behind Inspired by Ledger

Ledger Genesis handpicked artists with diverse backgrounds and styles to join their Inspired by Ledger program. Markedly, they are dedicated to offering opportunities for artists from all walks of life, being inclusive of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, education, and career level. The program kicks off with five exceptionally talented artists from across the globe. These artists include Selin Çinar (aka Axstone) from Turkey, Bad Oats from Nigeria, Danguiz from Italy, Hermine Bourdin from France, and Jonathan Winbush from the USA.

What’s truly remarkable about this initiative is that each artwork in the ‘Inspired by Ledger’ collection is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This means that artists can sell the 1/1 on their own contract, or on any platform they choose. Additionally, artists will have the freedom to interpret ‘Inspired by Ledger’ in their own distinct style.

Selin Çınar – Axstone – Inspired by Ledger

What you can get with a Ledger Market Pass Genesis Edition

So, how can we get hold of the artwork? Firstly, the launch of the program will take place on Thursday, March 30th. Ledger will release the commissioned works as a time-limited drop of open editions. Furthermore, the Ledger passholder community can then claim the artworks for free. Genesis Pass holders will have exclusive access to this drop.

As a reward to Genesis Edition holders, only Ledger Market Pass Genesis Edition holders will have full access to every Inspired by Ledger artwork drop. The Ledger Market Pass Genesis Edition is an NFT that includes access to exclusive collaborations, limited edition hardware, and more. Moreover, holders will receive unlimited access to all ‘Inspired by Ledger’ collaborations. So, if you want exclusive access to all the artist drops, you can purchase a Ledger Market Pass on the secondary market.

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