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Miami Art Week + Art Basel Miami Beach 2022: The Top NFT Events

In less than a week, thousands of collectors and artists from around the world will come together for this year’s Miami Art Week. From November 28 to December 4, guests will embark on an art-filled odyssey featuring art from up-and-comers and internationally renowned artists. The art fair will also include Art Basel’s largest installation yet to celebrate its 20-year anniversary.

Here are the top NFT events that will be featured in this year’s Miami Art Week.

Miami Art Week and Art Basel 2022 are returning this year with some fascinating events. Here’s what you need to know. Credit: Ad Age

Ancient Future by SaveArtSpace and SISU

SaveArtSpace, a non-profit organization, and SISU, a community focusing on supporting Earth restoration projects, are presenting a public art exhibition from November 29 to December 4. Ancient Future, curated by Angela del Sol, the steward of SISU, will exhibit two satellite exhibitions during Miami Art Week. Among these exhibitions are the Satellite Art Show, featuring 13 artists, and the Scope Art Fair, with accomplished photographer Rob Woodcox.

Ancient Future, a billboard exhibition, is exploring climate change and the effect humans could have if humanity worked together. Angela del Sol’s mission is to help create a more inclusive world, one that empowers women, entrepreneurs, and indigneous communities. Thanks to NFTs, media, and Web3 collaborations, del Sol is achieving climate protection and action in many creative ways.

“Tree of Life” by Rob Woodcox. Credit: SaveArtSpace

SCOPE at Art Basel

The world-renowned international contemporary art show, SCOPE, is returning for its 20th year in Miami for a beachside exhibition. On November 30, guests will have the opportunity to see art from 140 international exhibitors along with panel discussions, nightlife events, and state-of-the-art installations. The tickets will be redeemable for entry to 130 international galleries at Art Basel.

Moreover, the tickets were made available on November 3 and feature artwork from the artists behind Cool Cats NFT and Mason Rothschild. Thanks to SCOPE’s partnerships with the Creative Artist Agency (CAA) and YellowHeart (Web3 ticketing marketplace), the tickets came to life. In other words, the platinum and VIP NFT tickets can be traded and resold before and after the event.

9dcc live mint pop-up experience

Luxury brand 9dcc, by gmoney, and ArtBlocks founder Snowfro will have a live pop-up event during Art Basel. The brand’s highly anticipated second clothing drop, ITERATION-02, will debut at the art show from November 29 to December 3.

For the release, 9dcc created an unforgettable pop-up shopping experience in partnership with NFT Now and MANA’s “The Gateway”. In detail, purchasers of ITERATION-2 will live-mint a 1 of 1 generative NFT, which then triggers the manufacturing process before your eyes. This includes showcasing the processes of “printing, NFC chip bridging, and lux packaging all done within minutes.”

Iteration-02 will debut at Art Basel through a one-of-a-kind live pop-up experience.

The Johnathan Schultz Gallery 

South-African artist Jonathan Schultz, known for his ability to blend precious stones in his breathtaking pieces, will showcase his work at Art Basel. Shultz will be showcasing his work throughout the art show and in his own gallery, located in the Miami Design District. Furthermore, Schultz is best known for his gigantic 3D diamond encrusted recreation of Nelson Mandela’s fingerprint. More recently, he has created one-of-a-kind pieces for Cindy Crawford, Todd English, and Udonis Haslem.

Shultz is also a Web3 builder, having created his own NFT collection, GemSet NFT, which rewards holders with real diamonds. GemSet has recently announced that 2.5K diamonds are packaged and ready to be delivered to the 2.5K holders of the Gemesis collection.

Jonathan Shultz’s iconic 3D diamond-encrusted Nelson Mandela fingerprint debuts at Art Basel 2021. Credit: The Jonathan Shultz

Decentral Miami conference at Miami Art Week

The largest Web3 conference is returning to downtown Miami, this time with twice the space! On November 28 to 29, Decentral Miami is bringing the Web3 community together during Miami Art Week. If DeFi, DAOs, metaverses, NFTs, and protocols interest you, then this is the place to be.

Attendees will have the chance to listen to over 300 curated speakers, such as Timbaland, Alex Mayes, Baron Davis, Crypto Wendy, and many more. There will also be more than 80 exhibitors along with four stages. This includes a Web3 mainstage, a decentralised stage, a NFTCON stage, and a Web3 women’s stage.

The Gateway by NFT Now and Mana Common

NFT Now and Mana Common have announced the return of “The Gateway” during Miami Art Week. This year, “The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis,” powered by MoonPay will take place from November 29 to December 3. Spanning 12 buildings and 2 city blocks, the event will include immersive installations by 9dcc, Art Blocks, Christie’s, Faze Clan, Instagram, and RTFKT. Additionally, the event will include speakers, artists, and musicians such as Garry Vee, Beeple, Kmoney, and Amanda Cassatt.

NFT Now, in collaboration with Mana Common and MoonPay, have announced “The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis.” Credit: Business Wire

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Nike .SWOOSH Platform Will Let Users Create Custom Wearables

The Nike .SWOOSH platform is shaking up the fashion world by allowing users to create digital wearables and mint them as NFTs. The #YourForce1 competition is running on Instagram until January 29th. Fans have the ability to submit a footwear design and, if chosen, will receive $5,000 for their work to be created into digital sneakers by Nike designers. This is a must for any Nike fan to see their design backed by the Swoosh.

The contest to work with Nike Designers runs until January 29th. Credit: Nike.

What Is The Nike .SWOOSH Platform?

The Nike .SWOOSH platform is a big move forward, as it will allow fans to create and sell their own digital wearables. The platform is built on blockchain, providing security and transparency in trades. Additionally, the platform will enable designers, artists, and everyday enthusiasts to create their own wearables and sell them through a decentralized marketplace. The Instagram competition runs until January 29th.

The .SWOOSH platform allows users to create their own designs. Credit: CoinSwitch.

Who Will Benefit From .SWOOSH?

Fans will be able to access the .SWOOSH platform directly from the Nike app. There, anyone can use a number of tools that will allow them to create their custom designs. Nike is also giving fans access to its library of designs, so that imaginations can run wild and iterations can be completed quickly. Finally, users will be able to set their own prices and receive payment directly.

Fans can sell their Nike designs directly via the Nike app. Credit:

Nike Moves Into The Metaverse?

Nike is making big moves into the metaverse with .SWOOSH. The platform allows fans to create and sell their unique designs, all within the Nike ecosystem. Additionally, fans can join in on the #YourForce1 competition on Instagram. Winners get a chance to work with Nike designers. The competition runs until January 29th.

The post Nike .SWOOSH Platform Will Let Users Create Custom Wearables appeared first on NFT Evening.

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NFT Funded Film Calladita Wins Top Prize At Sundance

An NFT-funded film, Calladita, has won the top prize at the Sundance film festival. The movie, directed by Miguel Faus, tells the story of Ana and “explores themes of class differences and injustice from a profound and sophisticated perspective, moving away from easy clichés and caricatures.”

Calladita is a Film3 type of movie that employs decentralized technologies to free and empower independent artists. In this case, Faus and his team financed the movie using NFTs, and by winning the Andrews/Bernard Award, it’s a dream come true.

The award was established in April of last year by Steven Soderbergh, a renown filmmaker, and Decentralized Pictures. To encourage independent filmmaking talent, he committed $300,000 in completion funds for notable English-language films and shorts, with the NFT-funded film, Calladita, representing the first film to win the award.

Speaking to Decrypt, Faus notes that Film3 represents the future of independent cinema and is the reason the movie exists. The award presented on Saturday had Faus beaming. He took to Twitter to express his joy, thanking the Decentralized Pictures Foundation, his entire team, and the more than 500 individuals who believed in his idea and bought the NFTs.

Legend Steven Soderbergh just gave us a Completion Funds award for our film CALLADITA at Sundance.

HUGE thanks to @DCP_Foundation, our whole cast & crew, and the 500+ degens that made this film possible.

— miguel faus.eth CALLADITA FILM (@miguelfaus) January 21, 2023

Decentralized Pictures is a non-profit organization that seeks to discover new and innovative filmmaking talent. The platform allows filmmakers to submit movie pitches by paying a submission fee in FILMCredits (FILM), its native token. Then, platform users get to vote on which ideas receive funding from grants.

According to Leo Matchett, cofounder of Decentralized Pictures, blockchain technology doesn’t only allow the platform to “fairly and transparently determine who deserves the financing the most, but also has this incentivized behavior mechanism built into it.”

What Does The Future Hold For Film3 After NFT Funded Film Calladita Won Top Prize?

That said, funding movies using NFTs represents a new frontier for filmmaking. So far, the likes of Spike Lee and Kevin Smith have utilized them to finance films and drive engagement. At a time when most people see NFTs as nothing more than speculative assets, maybe this is the kind of use case required to prompt mass adoption. Now it’s possible for fans to fund the next blockbuster and own a piece of its success.

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NFT Influencer Break Up Raises Suspicions About Barkmeta

Trouble in paradise: the breakup of NFT influencer BarkMeta (@barkmeta) & Leah (leelahmeta) has sprung a string of allegations against the former. Leah claims that in her time with BarkMeta, she has seen and heard things that could “destroy his personal brand”.

BarkMeta: Is The NFT Influencer A Fraud?

In the Twitter thread that allegedly exposes Bark, Leah starts by claiming that she has seen and heard things in their former relationship that could destroy his reputation entirely. The first in a series of accusations claim that Bark pays an ex-WeRunCrypto employee $15,000 a month to run the account. She states that the brand Bark has built with his “800 tweets a day” strategy isn’t even written by him. Moreover, she claims that Bark has been paying this person since October 2022.

Next, she accuses Bark of running a pump and dump project – Metaluxe. Metaluxe is a collection of 10,000 digital suits. She claims that a simple Google search and DYOR will help expose the project as fraudulent. Furthermore, Leah also alleges that Bark is in huge financial debt. According to her tweets, Bark is now in a debt of at least $500,000. She claims that this is why he left for Taiwan.

Additionally, she states fellow NFT influencer @MachiBigBrother (Jeffrey Huang) promised to pay off his debt if they worked together. In her tweet thread, she links to a previously published article claiming Machi to be a scammer. Leah says that the BAYC influencer flew her and Bark to Vegas, where they were hosted at 5-star resorts and even paid extra money to gamble. She goes on to say that Machi’s “business partners” that they could be rich if Bark gave Machi a 10% cut of the project he was working on.

Leah also claims that Alex (Shillain Villain) has returned to the USA from Taiwan to legally divorce his wife and “abandon” his 10-year-old daughters. She also claims that she has photo evidence, but is under threat from Machi’s lawyers. There are  NFT Evening follows the story as it develops.



The post NFT Influencer Break Up Raises Suspicions About Barkmeta appeared first on NFT Evening.

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