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Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Character Houses

Disney Dreamlight Valley is overflowing with stuff to do, but few things are as satisfying as making new friends and adding them to your own world. Meeting the various Disney characters in Dreamlight Valley requires a bit of work on your part, of course, asking you to travel to beloved realms, complete quests, and invite them back to live in the valley. But once you get them there, it’s always worth the effort.

Most characters you encounter will have a home that you can place in any of the game’s biomes, giving you an opportunity to decide where they’ll be living out their lives in the valley. Whether you want to have a dedicated neighborhood full of homes or spread everyone out across different areas, the choice is entirely up to you–at least once you’ve paid Scrooge McDuck some coins to build the home, that is.

Granted, not every character has a buildable home. Some characters already have homes in the valley at the start of the game, such as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Merlin. Others will take up residence in pre-existing structures, such as Mother Gothel’s cursed tree in the Glade of Trust or Elsa’s ice cave in the Forest of Valor. Additionally, the requirements for bringing some of these beloved friends to your valley may be a little bit difficult to figure out at times, asking you to complete objectives or find special items. Such is the case with Prince Eric and Stitch, especially–both of whom take quite a bit more effort than usual.

We’ve decided to take a stroll around the valley and snap some shots of each character’s home so that you can get a look at what to expect when you befriend each of them. Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea of who you’d like to prioritize unlocking first and where you may want to place their dwelling based on the aesthetics of the structure. Either way, enjoy this look at all of the characters’ houses currently in Dreamlight Valley.

Mickey’s House

Minnie’s House

Goofy’s House

Merlin’s House

Donald’s House

Mother Gothel’s House

WALL-E’s House

Ariel’s House

Prince Eric’s House

Ursula’s House

Remy’s House

Scar’s House

Elsa’s House

Anna and Kristoff’s House

Stitch’s House

Woody’s House

Buzz’s House

Moana’s House

Maui’s House

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