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Deadfellaz Draw The Undead Competitions Announced: Meet The Winners

Deadfellaz’s Draw the Undead Community Art Contest returned for 2022, but this time even better and with many prizes. As a matter of fact, Deadfellaz opens the competition to non-holders of Deadfellaz NFT. Meaning both holders and non-holders can participate and create Deadfellaz-inspired derivatives. 

Deadfellaz Draw The Undead ’22 Winners Announced

According to Dedfellaz, they were 200+ entries, including 3D, claymation, animation, 2D, collage, and AI, for the first time. In the end, they announced the community favourite and two overall winners for the Non-Holders and Holders categories. What prizes did each winner receive?

The Deadfellaz Draw The Undead ’22 Competition Details

After the judges, Betty & Psych, with the help of Gosammer Rozen and ThankYouX, accessed the entries, they chose two overall winners. Alongside, the community voted for their favourite, and a winner emerged from the community favourite category. In conclusion, there were 30 finalists, top 5 holders and non-holders, two winners (holder and non-holder) and one community favourite. 

Hey fellaz! Here is my submission for #drawtheundead22 !

My boy #553 leaving his home with his Frenz #5335 ready to kill DeadMonsterz through an apocalyptic world. But his enemy is watching him…

Let the adventure begin!

#DeadFellaz #DeadFrenz @Deadfellaz

— RISATHEGIANT (@risathegiant) August 30, 2022

Deadfellaz Draw The Undead ’22 Competition Prizes

Each top 5 participant and overall winner with the community favourite received one prize in common. Specifically, their entries are up for Halloween gallery events via OnCyber, KnownOrigin & Physical Gallery installation. 

1. All Participants: Participants should send their wallet addresses to Psych to receive participation POAP.

2. Top 30: The top 15 holders and 15 non-holders will receive 1 Deadfrenz NFT each.

3. Top 5 Holders: The top 5 holders will also receive 1 Deadfrenz Hybrid NFT & 1 DeadZone 13 Hideaway OnCyber Gallery.

4. Top 5 Non-Holders: Unlike the top 5 holders, they will receive 1 Deadfrenz NFT & 1 DeadZone 13 Hideaway OnCyber Gallery.

5. Overall winners

Holders and Non-Holders: They also receive 1 Deadfellaz NFT, but the holder receives 1 DeadZone 13 Hideaway OnCyber Gallery and a 1/1 Infected S2 Collection NFT. While the non-holder receives 1 DeadZone 13 Hideaway OnCyber Gallery

Community Favourite: The winner also receives 1 Deadfellaz NFT & 1 DeadZone 13 Hideaway OnCyber Gallery, and a 1/1 Infected S2 Collection NFT.

My entry for @Deadfellaz Contest!

“Born Dead”
Base on @betty_nft PFP

Soooo much fun drawing this!

2500×3000 Px +300ppp#drawtheundead22

— BoicotArt.eth (@BoicotArt) September 3, 2022

Meet The Winners Of DeadfellazDraw the Undead Community Art Contest 

Namely, the winner for the Holders category is RISA (@risathegiant on Twitter). RISA’s art is the story of a boy protected by Frenz but being watched by his enemy. Next is the Non-Holders winner — Boicot (@BoicortArt on Twitter), with a simple concept of “Born Dead”. Lastly, the community favourite was that of Packman.


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Jenkins The Valet Announces A Gamified NFT And We’re Excited!

BAYC steward Jenkins The Valet is debuting dynamic NFTs alongside the introduction of his upcoming podcast. The podcast aims to create a token-gated community experience. It combines gamification with world-class storytelling/audio production. This marks a new way to experience podcasts and storytelling. Read on to learn more about the upcoming gamified NFTs with this unique podcast!

What’s Special About Jenkins The Valet’s NFTs?

On November 27th, Jenkins The Valet announced his upcoming fiction podcast on Twitter. A few hours after the announcement, he also announced a “dynamic, gamified” NFT collection alongside the same. The NFTs, Jenkins states, will allow listeners to engage with the podcast on a much deeper level. Jenkins also claims that the series will allow listeners to play against each other and showcase their progress as the podcast continues.

In the Twitter thread announcing the NFT collection, he also mentions that after listening to each of the episodes, all listeners will gain a dedicated NFT. This NFT carries over to a special podcast-based website. On connecting their wallet to this website and verifying that they hold the NFT, listeners will then be presented with an audio puzzle relating to that particular episode. NFT holders will get a chance to answer certain quiz questions pertaining to the episodes. The correct answers will be revealed once the submission period is over.

Listeners who guess the correct answers will see their NFTs reflect their scores! The dynamically designed NFTs update themselves accordingly to showcase the correct answers. Furthermore, they will earn extra points based on how quickly they answered the questions. Moreover, they can also check their ranks on a leaderboard for the same! Different levels on the leaderboard will reflect differently curated prizes. Users are also free to buy, sell, or trade their podcast NFTs at any time during the series.

“Each audio puzzle will be a collaboration between a team of professional puzzle makers and our partners at SALT. We’re excited about the intersection between storytelling and token-gated gamification and look forward to pioneering this trend with the Writer’s Room!.” stated Jenkins, on the Twitter thread.

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Bitci Defends Its Brazilian Football NFTs

In June of last year NFT platform, Bitci struck up a deal with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). The CBF chose the blockchain platform to mint the official NFT tokens of Brazil’s national football team, which launched (BFT).

A report from a Brazilian sports business outlet claimed the CBF had terminated the agreement after a series of delayed payments over several months from the crypto firm.

The validity of these accusations, can not be confirmed. However, Bitci was not showcased on the sponsors’ backdrop when Brazil’s squad was announced for the 2022 Fifa World Cup earlier this month.

On November 23rd, Bitci released a public statement on Twitter to address the allegations.

Dear users,

This mandatory public statement is about the manipulation targeting Bitci, its investors and business partners from Twitter last night.

You can click the link below for a detailed explanation.

— Bitci Global (@bitcicomglobal) November 23, 2022

The Turkish NFT firm said: ‘The contracts between the Brazilian national team and Bitci are valid and in force. There has been no notice of termination to Bitci.’ The Crypto firm went on to hammer that their NFTs would still be valid, even if the sponsorship deal had been terminated. ‘Even if the sponsorship agreement somehow ends, this does not change the reality that BFT is the legitimate and only Brazilian national team fan token,’ the company added.

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Beeple Will Not Drop NFTs On Solana: Metaplex Apologizes

Solana NFT standard creators Metaplex CEO Stephen Hayes has issued apologies for a miscommunicated tweet involving Beeple. Metaplex initial tweet announced Beeple NFTs coming to the Solana blockchain. Since then, Beeple corrected the tweet stating “nothing was set or remotely agreed upon” among both parties. Read on to learn more about the exchange.

Wen Beeple NFTs On Solana?

At Solanas Breakpoint event this year, Metaplex CEO Stephen Hayes “accidentally” announced a Beeple launch on the Solana blockchain, in partnership with the Render Network. This was then disputed by Beeple stating that there had been no agreement between either parties surrounding a Beeple collection on Solana.

Stephen then went on to apologize to Beeple on Twitter later on. He stated on Twitter, “I’m here to offer my sincere apologies. It was the result of a miscommunication between the organizations involved, but these were my words in the keynote, so I should have confirmed that agreement, directly with you, was announced.” Furthermore, Hayes also apologized to fans and the community for causing further confusion.

Around this time, Jules Urbach a developer on the decentralized computing platform Render Network had also tweeted similar statements. He asked for the community to wait for the special “first look at something amazing” that they were building with Beeple. Since then, no further comments or statements have been put forward by either parties.

About Render Network

The Render Network is a unique blockchain project. The network allows people to contribute unused GPU power to help projects render motion graphics and visual effects. Render greatly simplifies the standard processes of rendering and streaming 3D environments. For using the network, users get RNDR tokens as a reward. The Render Network is one-of-a-kind building block for the future of the graphics industry.

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